Thursday, September 11, 2014

2014 NFL Over/Unders Game

We made our picks last week before the first game of the year but am only getting around to posting now which actually works out since I can now have a little reflection on my selections after seeing these teams play a real game.  I, of course, can only speak to my selections.

Baltimore Ravens(Over) - I honestly now can't stand this pick.  I don't really think much of this division.  If you told me that the other three teams in this division other than Cleveland would finish 9-7, I wouldn't be surprised.  I had a gut it would be Cleveland.  After Week 1 and the Ray Rice thing it looks like I potentially chose poorly.

Dallas Cowboys(Under) - The Cowboys usually finish 8-8 when their defense is okay.  This team's defense has a chance to be historically bad.  I see a 6-10 type season for them.

Indianapolis Colts(Under) - The offensive line is terrible and on paper I don't think they are better than they were last year but I think every other team in the division is a little better.  I don't see them going 6-0 in the AFC South again this year.

Kansas City Chiefs(Under) - I think they are closer to the 2-5 team that finished 2013 than the 9-0 team that started 2013.  Not a bad team but I don't see a 9 win team when I look at them.

New Orleans Saints(Over) - The Saints are a good bet to be right around that mark.  I like the fact that they play two of their harder games (Green Bay and San Francisco) at home. 

New York Jets(Over) - The QB situation should be better than last year with either Geno Smith improving or Michael Vick playing.  With that defense its not unrealistic to see at least and 8-8 season.

*The bet "prize" will be paid up with a three hour open bar for the winner that will be split between the 2nd place and 3rd place in a (1/3 and 2/3) split. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

New Pornographers at the Brill Building 9/4/14

Over the course of two separate sessions, I had tried tirelessly to answer a New Pornographers trivia question on Twitter from @NPRMusic for the chance to go to last night's show at the Brill Building.  This was the question I that I answered to get my entrance to the show.

Entering the area of the Brill Building where the New Pornographers would play, my expectations were that they were going to probably play their new(and fantastic) album in it's entirety.  What I didn't expect was that I would be seeing them in a space that looked like it was getting remodeled years ago but stopped just after the demolition phase.  There were holes in the floor, holes in the ceiling, exposed beams and random shapes of metal hanging from the ceiling.  If I was asked to sleep there it'd be off-putting, but since I there to see one of my favorite bands live, it made the experience more interesting and memorable.

My expectation was that they'd just play Brill Bruisers start to finish since they were promoting the new album and we were in the Brill Building.  Those expectations got shattered when they opened with Moves and then continued on to play a great fourteen song set.  They played six off the new album but also hit on some old favorites like The Laws Have Changed, Twin Cinema, Mass Romantic, Testament to Youth in Verse and closed the encore with the always fun The Bleeding Heart Show.

I can't wait to see them again in November.