Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NFL Schedule Announcement!!!...Who cares?

ESPN really needs to stop making the NFL schedule announcement a bigger deal than it is. In all honesty, I am a huge football fan but if nobody mentioned the NFL schedule to me I'm not sure I would even think about it until training camp started. The only thing that's borderline interesting is who is going to play the first prime time game of the year (and even still, I hate that game). Now we'll see a bunch of people waste their time analyzing next year's schedule based on last season's records which will be completely useless information with all the parity in the NFL today.

I get the NFL Network doing something for it. That network is probably starved for content during the off season. And I'm sure there are people who aren't MLB, NHL and NBA fans who might get up for a little football news in April but for ESPN to spend anything over a minute per SportsCenter on it seems unnecessary.

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