Thursday, June 26, 2014

The 2014 NBA Draft

 Don't like the NBA but love the NBA Draft...go figure.

Some pre-draft thoughts:

- I watched a lot of Kansas basketball last year and I'm still not sure what I'm missing on Andrew Wiggins.  I do think he belongs in the Top 5 somewhere but I'm not as convinced as a lot of people that he will be the best player that comes out of this draft.

- I do like Jabari Parker and Julius Randle a lot.  I think both of those guys the most ready to contribute solid NBA minutes immediately. 

- Elfrid Payton is a nice player but seeing him in the lottery doesn't sit right with me.  If someone takes Payton over Shabazz Napier, that team will regret it short term and long term.  Payton doesn't shoot well enough to justify being picked higher than in the mid-20's.  I would even take Spencer Dinwiddie over him even coming off his injury.

- My pick for the first player drafted in this year's first round to be designated to the D-League: Zach LaVine.  He wasn't ready to play college ball yet and he's definitely not ready to play in the NBA yet.  Hopefully he can get to a team that can afford to wait for him.

- I don't really care about the NBA but if I could see any player in this draft go to the team of my choosing, it would be Kyle Anderson to San Antonio.  He is tailor made for the Spurs.  I realize the chances of that happening are 0.01%, but still.

- I'm not a Knicks fan but I think the trade they made was a coup for them.  They got rid of Felton which was huge for them and scoring two 2nd round picks in this draft can potentially get them players that can help them this year.  A guy like Joe Harris could help immediately as a shooter early in the 2nd round or a guy like Mike Moser who can be a good rebounder and keep defenses honest beyond the arc in the late 2nd round.

- As a University at Buffalo alum, I will be watching the 2nd round as intently as the 1st to see if Javon McCrea gets drafted.  San Antonio has two of the the last three picks in the draft.  I'm looking at you Spurs. 

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