Saturday, February 2, 2013

UFC 156 Predictions

I'm typing this from a friends house, so you'll have to pardon how brief it is. I love tonight's card & I'm intrigued by some of the match-ups. Here are my main card thoughts and how I would bet them.

Ian McCall (+210) over Joseph Benavidez: I expect this to be a hotly contested fight, but I'm picking McCall
based on his close bouts against Mighty Mouse and his awesome nickname.

Jon Fitch (-220) over Demian Maia: From a betting standpoint, I don't love this bet. But Fitch is at a point in his career where he can't lose to Maia if he wants to stay relevant enough to be mentioned as a title contender, so I expect he won't.

Antonio Silva (+320) over Allistair Overeem: I'd take Silva strictly from an odds perspective. In the heavyweight division, anything can happen and I'll roll the dice on +320.

Rashad Evans (-600) over Lil' Nog: Obviously, -600 means everyone and their mother is picking Evans and I will too. His resume of opponents is better than anyone's in the sport, and I expect he'll handle Nog and win by decision.

Jose Aldo (-175) over Frankie Edgar: I hate picking against my favorite fighter, but Aldo is just too good. He is in the class of Jones, Silva & GSP and this win will help cement that legacy. I will not be rooting for him however nor would I be surprised if Edgar shocks the MMA world.

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