Monday, March 19, 2012

I Finally Know What My Problem with Rick Is - The Walking Dead

This isn't a review of the Season 2 finale so there are no spoilers in here.

I think I figured out one of my main problems with The Walking Dead and more specifically with Rick as the leader of the group.

When I'm watching television shows or movies I tend to try to put myself in the character's shoes and base my reactions as such. And since the beginning of the series I think it bothered me that Rick met up withe group and automatically claimed a leadership role. It's never clear how long Rick was in a coma but I'm going to assume it was 6-8 weeks. By that time, roles in a group have started to develop but then this guy comes in and automatically starts to call the shots because he's wearing a sheriff's uniform? Wearing a sheriff's uniform in situations like that is as meaningful as if was wearing a Burger King uniform. Those jobs don't exist anymore. And if it was important to have a law enforcement guy in charge then why not just let Shane have the reigns. He's naturally more experienced in keeping those people safe by virtue of not being in a coma when the whole zombie thing spread (and as far as I remember, Rick and Shane were partners. And if Rick was Shane's superior in the pre-zombie world then screw it, things have changed.) And I'm not saying Rick wouldn't have eventually been a guy you looked too but he went from not part of the group to leader way too quickly and for some reason that bothered me because I think it would have bothered me if I was in that situation.

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