Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bob's (Abbreviated) Best of 2013 List

This has been a very strange year for me. Changing jobs and states has caused me to miss a lot of 2013, namely sports, movies & music. That being said, this transition has also caused me to take a blog hiatus so I thought I could ease my way back into the fray with an abbreviated "Best Of" list for the year.

Best Movie: The Way Way Back

In a year that I saw very few movies, it says something that I have seen this one twice. To me, this is the movie that I aspire to write. Hilariously funny at times, yet poignant and well written throughout. It does not rest on the comedic laurels of Sam Rockwell (who may be the most underrated actor of this generation), but instead seamlessly weaves in other interesting complex characters like Steve Carell & Toni Colette. Newcomer Liam James settles in nicely to this classic coming of age movie.

Best Album: Vampire Weekend "Modern Vampires of the City"

I almost backed off this album because like every other Vampire Weekend CD, it dominated my summer listening and then tapered off when the fall rolled around. That being said, this CD is great start to finish. "Obvious Bicycle" and "Don't Lie" standout as some of the best tracks of this very unpredictable, yet consistent collection of tracks.

Best Song: "Royals" by Lorde
I understand that this isn't a "cool" or "unique" selection, but this song takes the cake for me for a few reasons. First of all, because Lorde came out of nowhere. Not just from a popularity standpoint, but also from a geographical standpoint. To have a song become that mainstream without pop-factory lyrics is a pretty rare thing. I still dig it after hearing it a few hundred times.

Worst Movie: Now You See Me
I really hated this movie on so many levels. First and most importantly, it was totally absurd. I can suspend disbelief for the right story, but there were far too many holes to look past. I shouldn't be surprised that the writer who brought us "Super Mario Bros" and the director who brought us "Transporter 2 & The Hulk" would produce this 2 hour waste, but I am surprised that so many people like it.

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