Friday, September 30, 2011

I Love Baseball, But Should I Be Done for 2011?

I am Mets fan. My baseball season has, for all intents and purposes, been over for weeks if not months. When the Mets are bad I generally follow the same pattern. I'll watch til football season since I'm back to having a horse in the race (I'm not saying the Jets are a Super Bowl contender, it's just that there is so much parity in the NFL) and then go back to baseball for the last two weeks to watch pennent and wild card races.

I honest to god can't remember having as much fun watching baseball as I did last night. That's how I want my baseball season to end. I know the playoffs ratchet up the intensity and everything but there is nothing the postseason is going to offer me that last night didn't already give me. I'm going to tune in more at least the last half of every game just to keep myself a well rounded sports fan but for the first time in my life I could do without October baseball. I already have the memory of 2011 that I need.

I stated I'm a Mets fan only because I know that if you have a team in the playoffs you obviously care. I would care too. This is from a baseball fan with no team left. Thank You.

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  1. I see where you're coming from but I'd rather look at the last day of the season as the beginning of the playoffs as opposed to the end of the season. It'll be especially interesting to see how Tampa and St Louis do after their respective late season surges. I'm also very interested to see which cy young candidate (Verlander, Kennedy, Lee, Halladay, Sabathia) has the biggest impact on the playoffs. Should be fun.