Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jose Reyes - NL Batting Champion...and well deserved

Jose Reyes is taking alot of crap for the way he went about winning the NL Batting title. People see it as him being a coward and taking the easy way out to winning the batting crown. Just like last night's blown save by Jonathan Papelbon wasn't the reason the Red Sox didn't make the playoffs (it was a month in the making), Jose Reyes taking his last two at bats off did not win him the batting title. It took 537 at bats of hitting .337 that did it.

The Mets weren't playing for anything. I don't know why people are making such a big deal about a guy trying for something that would benefit him individually in a situation like that. It's not easy to win a batting title and now for the rest of time he can see his name on the list of former NL batting champions. I'm almost positive I would have done the same thing.

Then people talk about the fans who came to see Jose Reyes. There are two types of fans who showed up at the game yesterday, the suckers who bought season tickets and finishing out the string (you knew what type of season this was going to be) and the guys who paid two bucks on StubHub to get in (I was one of them the night before). Be happy that you got to see a classic Reyes bunt base hit, got to give him his ovation as he was pulled from the game and got an early ticket to go to McFadden's.

On a side note: Hey Rob Parker (from ESPN), why does Derek Jeter's name have to come up at all in your column? You're not un-biased enough to have a legitimate opinion on what Reyes opted to do yesterday.

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