Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where are my Happy Endings people at?

Generally when I like a comedy on television, it's critically acclaimed but ratings challenged (i.e., Arrested Development and Community). And usually my friends are watching the same shows which is why, I assume, we're friends to begin with. But I happened to stumble across Happy Endings (I'll admit, I'm a huge Elisha Cuthbert fan...and not for her acting talent.) and initially found it just "watchable." It seemed like the type of show that I wouldn't get attached to because there wasn't a lot that differentiates it from dozens of shows I've seen get a quick hook from a network before.

Most of the first season focused on Cuthbert and the nurse dude from FlashForward's character which was tough since they aren't comedy leads but in the second half of the season they made it more of an ensemble and I'll say that it became one of the funnier shows on television. I'm pretty sure that at this point, Damon Waynes Jr has already elicited more laughs out of me than his dad has.

Now I'm looking at magazines and stuff and they're saying that over 8 million people a week are watching it and it's great partner for Modern Family but I have not found a single person besides myself who watches this show. I have seen every episode yet have not been able to discuss it with anyone or reference a quote to anyone. So where is everyone who's watching this?


  1. I'm confused about something - the first season is already available on DVD. Aren't new episodes still airing? Shouldn't it still have a whole half of a season left. Jeez, they haven't even released Rubicon on DVD yet.

  2. Happy Endings on in Season 2 right now. The first season is 13 episodes.

    Keep in mind that if you start watching the 1st season to give it a few episodes. Like I said above, it wasn't that good off the bat when they were using Elisha Cuthbert and Zack Knighton(sp?) as the central characters. It's when they abandoned that idea and opened up to giving some other characters A-Stories as well that is seemed to hit it's stride.