Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ski at your own risk

As I sit here in Vail, CO looking out my window I am overwhelmed by a paralyzing fear of today's future events. I decided to join 4 friends on their annual ski trip, because no one else I know skis, and my memory of skiing is that of complete and total exhilaration coupled with a serene relaxation.

That feeling was apparent on Sunday morning, my first day skiing since 2005. I handled several green (easiest) and blue (more difficult) trails before breaking for lunch. "I feel as if I have been skiing my whole life!" I exalted confidently. My friends were impressed. Okay then, let's try Blue Ox, the black diamond.

And that is the moment when skiing morphed from enjoyable to terrifying. I think the problem with skiing is that most people want to push themselves to get better, as with most sports. But with skiing, that comes with an enormous risk. If I decide I'm ready to play basketball against 5 large black men, even when I get destroyed, im still alive. When I think its time to play against scratch golfers, I'll get embarrassed, but I'll certainly live. Not with skiing. Push yourself too far, and you are in for the most terrifying moments of your life. I.E. me on the Blue Ox.

On the first day of ski season this November a prominent doctor died of head injuries when he went off an embankment on Gitalong Run, a green trail! So, with 2 days of skiing left, I have no choice but to break away from the group, and try and ski greens. Because after all, my life depends on it.

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