Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Perfect March

March is the best month of the year. This is how I'd ideally like to spend mine.

March 1st - March 4th

St. Louis, MO

The Missouri Valley tournament is always fun and I've always wanted to go to Arch Madness.

March 5th
Richmond, VA

One day I'd like to see this tourney in it's entirety but I'll settle for what should be a really good Colonial final.

March 6th
Hot Springs, Ark

I'd like to see the Horizon final on the 6th but since I don't know which campus site it'll be at, I head over to Arkansas to see the Sun Belt final.

March 7th - March 10th
Cleveland, OH

I've been to the MAC tournament a few times and it was great. As a Buffalo alum I'm planning to stay until the 10th because they do have a shot to win it this year.

March 11th
Back to Long Island

I have a St. Patty's parade that morning and predicting the bracket all afternoon

March 13th to April 2nd

Zone out and watch the NCAA tournament

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