Tuesday, January 3, 2012

College Bowl Picks - Part 6

Tough bowl season for me. I'm 13-16 so far with a lot of bad beats. 50 yard game winning FGs by college kickers, going for the win with a 2pt conversion rather than go to OT and about 4 TDs that happened in the final minute of the game to blow covers. Profitable Bowl season has not been but it's been fun to watch anyway.

Michigan vs. Virginia Tech
Line: Michigan -3

Usually when a team loses their conference championship it means losing a BCS Bowl bid. In Virginia Tech's case that didn't happen. They are still in a BCS bowl and it's actually a better game than having to play West Virginia. I've been reading that a lot of people like Michigan in this game. Personally I don't. I think it's going to be a close game as most of these games probably will be but Virginia Tech is a faster team than Michigan and I like the speed team in this game especially in a dome.

The Pick: Virginia Tech +3

West Virginia vs. Clemson
Line: Clemson -3

I immediately lean towards Clemson in this game because of my feeling on Big East football. But to be fair, they are 2-1 in bowl games thus far. West Virginia does do one thing very well and that is throw the ball. I'm sure if I go with Clemson I'm going to have a few frustrating moments as Geno Smith keeps a play alive and turns it in to a 30 yard completion. But other than QB, I don't see West Virginia matching up anywhere else better than Clemson.

The Pick: Clemson -3

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