Friday, January 6, 2012

NFL Wild Card Round Picks

Sorry. I don't want to make this a picks dominated blog but it's just that season.

Cincinnati at Houston
Line: Houston -4

I see this being a pretty low scoring game. I'm going under the assumption at this point that T.J. Yates is starting and not Jake Delhomme. If it was Delhomme I'd be done typing this game already. Both teams have a good defense but Houston's is better and they are at home. I do think they will win this game and it doesn't leave me much margin of error but I think this is a field goal game. 17-14ish. Cincinnati is scrappy. That's why they are here.

The Pick: Cincinnati +4

Detroit at New Orleans
Line: New Orleans -10.5

The Saints are a near impossible out at home. In the Super Dome they are going to put up 45 points. That's great for me because the Lions are going to put up 38. The Lions are built to play in a dome as well. This game is a back door cover waiting to happen.

The Pick: Detroit + 10.5

Atlanta at New York Giants
Line: New York Giants -3

The Giants are playing better but it wasn't too long ago that the Giants couldn't stop the pass. And I don't believe that a game against a terrible Jets offense and a Cowboys team who still hasn't shown up for their Week 17 game should change anyone's mind about that. Atlanta has a ton of weapons and should be able to use them all against the Giants. The Giants will get to Matt Ryan a few times but you can't sack him on every drop back. The Giants have a good passing offense and a lot of weapons as well but Atlanta is solid against the run allowing less than 100 yards a game. I was leaning towards the Giants when it was supposed to be cold but it's supposed to be a picture perfect 45-50 degree day.

The Pick: Atlanta +3

Pittsburgh at Denver
Line: +8.5

I don't see a way that the Broncos score in this game. The Steelers are going to make Tim Tebow throw but that's not going to go well for. The bloom is off the rose with Tebow. Denver backed in and Tebow started doing something he wasn't doing during their run which is turn the ball over. All that being said, with Big Ben banged up I can see Pittsburgh getting a two score lead and just putting it cruise control. The Broncos defense is good as well and they are at home so Pittsburgh won't run away with it. I'm thinking like a 13-6 or 17-9 final. The Over/Under is 33. I'll probably take the under as well.

The Pick: Denver +8.5

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