Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My New Years Resolution/Quest

I was looking at my resolutions last year and realized I needed to make a change in how I make a resolution.  

Quick update on last year's resolutions:
-I ate better until the NCAA Tournament started and then went downhill
-I never ran the 5K but I did get use out of my Nike+ Sportsband.  Not nearly enough though.
-My basement was finished and I did paint it myself, as well as fixed a dryer and hung a few light fixtures.  Still need to be better though.
-Still going to bed on average around 12:30am and waking up at 6:30am.
-My fingernails and cuticles remain gross (I blame the Jets)
-I did not come close to averaging one movie a week.  In fact, this year I only went to the movies twice all year.  Gross.
-I may not have listened to one new album (to me) a week but I probably did my best with this thanks to Spotify.  I did listen to a lot of new stuff.

So after looking back at that and being disappointed, I'm going to go with one resolution this year.  It's a resolution that I'm hoping has a trickle down effect on what some of my other resolutions SHOULD be: I'm going to go out for 100 runs in 2013.  

Here's how I'm hoping the trickle down effect goes:
-Back when I used to go to the gym somewhat frequently it did have an impact on what I ate or drank the rest of the day.  I'd go to the gym and then feel like having a few beers or some leftover pizza defeats the purpose of why I just went to the gym.  It was a good dissuasion.  I know it's just math and it works but counting calories made me miserable.
-I'd really like to do a mud run (e.g., Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash).  If I'm running more frequently I might be more comfortable signing up for one when the time comes.
-On the occasions I did run last year, I always made it a point to do it to an album I've never heard before.  Out for a run was the first time I listened to the Alabama Shakes album in it's entirety and it was the quickest 2.5 miles ever.  If I'm listening to something I'm familiar with then it becomes background music but when I'm  concentrating on hearing something new, I'm not concentrating on how much I'm laboring.

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