Thursday, January 19, 2012


I know this is a few days late but Monday night's are busy with The Bachelor and all....

When a new show premieres that looks interesting to me I tell myself it has three episodes to hook me. I'm going to give Alcatraz a little more than that. I'm a big Fringe fan. It's arguably my favorite drama on TV right now. In Fringe's first season they tried a similar formula to what Alcatraz looks like it's going to try. Fringe did a "monster of the week" with a little bit of mythology mixed in from time to time (remember The Pattern?"). Alcatraz looks like it's shaping up no different. It looks like "prisoner of the week" with a little bit of mythology mixed in. Both have sneaky attractive female leads who landed a case at their respective law enforcement agencies and stumbled across something bigger.

Alcatraz has a more accessible premise than Fringe does which will allow it to use it's more procedural aspects more often than Fringe does now. But what I anticipate happening is that once people officially invest in the show and it becomes a part of their Mondays (or season passed on DVR), it will be for the mythology and not the "prisoner of the week" stories. And that's when the show will change for the better for me. And because I trust the people behind Alcatraz I'm willing to wait it out for a little while til that happens.

One issue I have right now though since I always seem to need to have one is why was Alcatraz's story that they transferred to another prison? One place I think they made a mistake was mentioning and then showing a visiting day. That made me start thinking, how are they going to explain to the prisoner's families that they can no longer visit them anymore at their new prison? It would have been cleaner to say they all died via some believable way.

That's really it though. Other than that it's not a terrible way to spend an hour in front of the TV.

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